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Healthcare solutions

Over the last 5 years, we mastered our skills and gained
experience in creating innovative, reliable, secure, and
sophisticated healthcare products.

Upplabs is proficient in

UppLabs obtain a strong Healthcare industry expertise, so if you’re looking for help, we’ll be glad to assist you!

We provide business and software development support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data management solutions for hospitals and clinics

We create highly reliable systems to support interactive communication between doctors, patients, and medication suppliers to improve the quality of healthcare.

Development of HIPAA-compliant and secure software

We have huge experience with compliance and security regulations in the healthcare industry.

VR and AR healthcare software development

UppLabs deliver end-to-end virtual, augmented, and mixed healthcare reality solutions for all popular devices.

Complex system integration with medical devices and medical software

As a Google Cloud partner, UppLabs actively uses the best cloud-based platforms Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and the best world practices to build secure and reliable solutions for our clients.

Custom healthcare web and mobile applications' development for:

  • Symptoms identification and analysis systems that automatically connect users with a particular doctor
  • Staff and patient management systems in clinics
  • Health monitoring systems
  • Doctors' marketplace
  • Online consultation systems

Benefits of working with

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Dedicated developers

We are a dedicated team of engineers who is ready to go the extra mile to ensure fast delivery and top quality of the products

Data analysis

UppLabs provides quality data analysis using ML and AI libraries

Tech expertise

We have solid tech expertise in healthcare domains that help to avoid pitfalls and stay efficient

Clear vision

UppLabs has vast experience and a clear vision of the healthcare business. We precisely analyze all the specific business requirements before coming up with a plan


We are focused on the security of healthcare solutions
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Every ongoing project is on top priority for us. Only then we think of new opportunities. UppLabs is here you back you Upp!


We ensure regular status updates and direct access to every team member

What do our clients say?

UppLabs LLC was hired by a software consultancy to support us with frontend development for a healthtech solution. The developers built the platform using React-Redux.
We’ve stopped using other companies because they’re not at the level of UppLabs LLC.

Now, when the world we knew is suffering from the terrible COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare businesses are the salvation. We trust them to save us. They trust UppLabs to provide them with modern and fast solutions to deal with:

Online analysis;
Healthcare web-application development;
Complex system integrations;
Remote teams’ management;
Digital transformation.

The State of Healthcare 2020

As an industry expert, UppLabs decided to provide a survey to identify the state of the Healthcare industry during the quarantine period. We wanted to find out how the outbreak influenced the state of the industry and what changes business owners were forced to accept.

Read about survey results in
our blog article

If you represent Healthcare industry and would like to submit your answers to our survey, please take Healthcare industry survey 2020!